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Silicon and Plant Diseases pdf download

Silicon and Plant Diseases. Fabricio A. Rodrigues

Silicon and Plant Diseases

ISBN: 9783319229294 | 148 pages | 4 Mb

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Silicon and Plant Diseases Fabricio A. Rodrigues
Publisher: Springer International Publishing

Silicon and plant disease resistance against pathogenic fungi. Silicon is considered a plant nutrient 'anomaly' because it is presumably not essential. Silicon, considered to be the second most abundant mineral element in soil, plays an important role in the mineral nutrition of plants. In plants, lab animals and, in man, is linked with a number of diseases. Silicon has been found to increase certain plant species resistance to fungal pathogen attack. El silicio y las enfermedades de las plantas. Si enhances resistance of plants to diseases caused by both fungi and bacteria in different plant species. The role of exogenous silicon in enhancing plant resistance to In: The Lutein- Prevention and Treatment for Diseases (Ed. Alicia Romero1,4, Fernando Munévar2, and Gerardo Cayón3. Higher in the tissues of plants from the – Si treatment as compared to plants of the +Si treatment, but nomically important rice diseases such as sheath blight,.